Howdy stranger-friend,

Look, truth is, if you can’t cope with self-deprecating words or poky hand-drawn images, you probs are not going to look forward to my emails, so tell a friend who might and move on with your life.

Still here? K.

This is totally one of those skincare and wellbeing newsletters from a grown-up who meditates, takes selfies with lattes, and exfoliates her face in circular motions, anti-clockwise.

Wait, is it clockwise?

Welp, any minute now ol be that girl.

Or will I???

While lots of my readers sought me out because like me, they had sensitive or dry skin or an autoimmune thing that sapped their energy dry, lots of others just wanted a short-cut to “natural” products that worked, and a good portion couldn’t care less about toxic ingredients they just want good stuff that seriously. gets. results.

Like, I don't know, skipping Botox and drinking the Secret Elixir Of Youth? Put that in your shot-glass!

More on that later.

This is a SAFE SPACE except for I have very strong opinions that may cause some people to break out in a rash.

Expect natural health + beauty chatter, outspoken thoughts about mental health and productivity (or lack thereof), poop jokes, smatterings of memes and just awful formatting.

Aaah yes! And I do giveaways.

The rules seem to change each time but they are fun, and the chances to win stuff are so high I’m pretty much not ever going to turn a profit at this rate, sigh.

Here is to yer goodest 'ealth and utterly stunning beauticiousness,
Bernadette, Bdette, BD -- I don't care what you call me.

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